The great cranberry sauce debate

Cranberry_Sauce_from_can-1 There are three types of people in this world: Those who wouldn’t touch cranberry sauce with a ten foot pole; those who like it served right out of the can with the ridges showing and all; and those who prefer their sauce homemade with oranges and Grand Marnier.

I fall firmly into the first camp. Don’t touch the stuff but readily admit it is simply not  Thanksgiving without that blob of cranberry sauce on my plate.  It stays on my plate until the time to dump it down the garbage disposal. In fact, the only person who ever eats it in my family is my  Aunt Emma.


Now I hear on the food network that it is beyond gauche to serve that jellied cranberry sauce especially with the ridges showing!  Last year I made sandwiches out of slices and filled them with cream cheese and nuts.  It was different, pretty and tasty – but still seeking the ultimate cranberry recipe.

I don’t know why I don’t just buy the fresh variety and do my own sauce.  Some things just aren’t worth doing.

This year I’m going to try adding some fresh jalapenos, some chopped walnuts,  and a can of mandarin oranges – all chopped up together with the canned whole sauce.  If anyone has a recipe for “doctored up canned cranberry sauce” I’d love to hear it. My plan it to try to pass it for “homemade.”

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