The joyful journey

old friends

Yesterday, Norma and I had the most delightful lunch with too old friends.  Technically, they are new friends but older than us, which makes them doubly special.

Annie Bess is 97 and Sara is 87.  Compared to them, I felt at least 77!  They are both energetic, fashionable, funny and mentally sharp as two tacks.

olderThey have cracked the code of the stereotypical picture of aging.

Even if you lose your keys, forget where you parked your car or for a moment can’t recall your last name, our brains still store more information than any computer.  As we talked about the old days – both Sara and Annie Bess were raised in West Point in the 20s and 30s – they dredged up memories by the buckets full.

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve read recently is to reminisce with your friends and family about past times.  Reminiscing helps us put our lives into perspective and we begin to see how each stage fits into the grander scheme.  The happy times are the golden prisms that catch the sunlight and warm the soul.

Our high school is holding a school-wide reunion next weekend and I’ve been eating little more than the scraped crumbs off burned toast and shredded eggshells in order to get back within spitting range of my high school weight.  How futile.  How silly.  I think we’ll just make all our classmates check their glasses and contact lenses at the door and we’ll all pretend we’re 16 again.

One thought on “The joyful journey

  1. You go girl!! I started trying to diet too not only for the reunion but for a cruise I am going on in November. I realized it was futile too when I saw the “Hot Donuts” sign flashing outside the Krispy Kreme in Columbus. My car just turned in like a GPS was telling it to go there.
    I reminisce all of the time….sometimes it hurts…sometimes it does bring that happy warm glow of what once was….Loved your article girl!

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