The new normal


Freedom!  At last, all the hospital patrol has left to resume their lives and I get to start mine over again – on my own terms.  It was pure heaven last night when I got to return to my big ole bed.  I’d forgotten how tall it is and that it can give you nose bleeds if you jump up too fast.

I had to get a step ladder to get up there but when I sank into my down comforter, the sheer joy of sinking into that pillow top softness whispered “home again” and brought joyful tears to my eyes.

Home after sleeping for two weeks in something that felt like a baby bed – locked in on four sides and equipped with mechanical things that began moving while you were holding on for dear life!

There’s no one here to tell me to do this, don’t do that until I want to scream.  I can finally clean off my kitchen cabinets of pills, tissues, sick room stuff and containers of left overs. 

First order of business – get up the Christmas trees.  I probably won’t be stringing the lights outside in typical honky tonky fashion this year, so inside will be especially gaudy!  Have yourself a tacky little Christmas this year  or whatever floats yer boat. 


For sure, I’ll never take for granted again the bliss of possessing the independence to made my own decisions.  If I choose to chew tobacco and spit it on the rug, I’ll do it without reservation (but thankfully I’m not feeling so inclined today.) 

17 thoughts on “The new normal

  1. Glad you are home! Invite the “girls” over to put up your trees, you can supervise!

    Love you girl,
    Susanne Allen Thomas

  2. Way to go Emily !!! After two separate five day stays in the hospital, I told the nurses that I would NEVER be back. 🙂 Those awful buzzers indicating empty IV’s that went off day and night nearly drove me crazy. — We are so glad to have you home. But I will tell you like they told me: don’t do too much too soon.

  3. Great to see you made it back home Emily, and what a huge,
    beautiful bed you have! I hope to see you in due time. Take
    care. David

  4. I often think of you and “smile”. Even in your illness mode, you still make
    me smile.

    You are special and loved from a’far.

    Tom Gass and Chet McLemore

  5. Emily,
    Great to have you back on Montgomery St. Remember we are all here to do any and everything you want and need us to do. Now is YOUR time, let us help you, like you help all of us. Jan

  6. Glad you can now rest in your own comfy bed. My suggestion is to have a “Trim the Tree” party. Invite your close friends, ask them if they would each be willing to bring some snacks to share. Then have someone put up your tree and the friends can help you decorate.
    Works for me.

  7. Angel Girl……Thank the good Lord…you are home and doing well…we will be there to decorate or anything else you need us to do ….you know that…I love you…….glad you are home….just let me know….

  8. .Hey there Emily, so glad to hear you ae back in your own comfy home. Don’t do too much-let the ‘ole babes” do the decorating for Christmas and you just sit back and sip apple cider and watch! Take time to emjoy Christmas! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  9. Emily: Why on earth were you in the hospital for two weeks? I just happened to pull up your website tonight (after returning from a week in West Point with Mother). Saw that you were just getting home from the hospital??? What on earth? Last January I had two knee replacements. After 40 years of playing tennis, running around the football field after school most afternoons, and going to the Y to do step aerobics on in-between days, I finally ruined my knees. Also arthritis set up in both of them (mostly my left). Like you, I was soooooo glad to get back home again. I was in the hospital for 3 days, then in a rehab hospital for 8 days — and then Ellen came and stayed with me for 12 days. OMYGOSH!!! What an ordeal! I’ll never do THAT AGAIN. Glad you’re home, but please let me know what was wrong. Shelby in Chattanooga

  10. Emily, I am so glad you are home and can begin to recoup. I know you are glad to be home and out of the hospital. Just know that you are in my thoughts and my prayers as you regain your strength and begin to recover. I look forward to many more posts from you as they keep me laughing about us as aging adults. Let everyone wait on you and enjoy the process! You are very special to us old friends!

  11. Don’t forget “LEON” for your mantle! Been thinking about you and keeping up with your progress…glad you are home!

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