The ultimate organizational diet


I just read a great article by Jamie Lee Curtis regarding her dedication to home organization.  It was very motivational and had some tips that made total sense.

Tip #1 – Put your closet on a diet.  I know mine feels overweight and I still have nothing to wear. 

Jamie Lee recommends that you pretend that you’re going on a two week trip.  Take out everything you would take on the trip

– shoes, jewelry, underwear.  Bingo.  There’s your core wardrobe and chances are, you look good in, and feel good in those threads.  Get rid of everything else. 

Oh gee, there’s the hard part, but the advice really helped me finally dump my wide legged cropped trousers (not a good look for most people), sequined tee shirts that made me feel ridiculous, and everything cream colored or yellow.  I was saving those for my funeral, but no reason I should look dead BEFORE the fact.

Now to the kitchen.

cambro Tip #2 –  Jamie Lee detests commercial packaging and all her staples are poured into restaurant containers made by Cambro and labeled on the top.  All the jars go into a drawer and to the left of her oven. 

All liquid staples, (catsups, syrups, honey) – go into restaurant squeeze bottles which line up like little soldiers in her fridge) and save on space.

I wish I could fly Jamie Lee to Starkville to help me get organized.  The results, she claims, help her stay centered and at peace with life. By having the balance organization offers her, she can concentrate on her passions – writing, acting and taking care of her family.

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