The wedding of her dreams….


Excuse me for a negatory moment, but I just heard on the morning news about the Clinton wedding this weekend. 

I guess I’ve been living under a rock. I haven’t been watching the news lately because it depresses me.  This sent me in search of some strychnine.

The 3 million dollar price tag floored me.  How does anyone

spend three million dollars on a three hour function?  With so many Americans out of work and suffering, that seems  beyond vulgar. The news report said they were spending $6,000 plus per head.  What the heck are they eating – gold bouillion?   

resized_a1 If the Clintons were truly the champions of the common people, I think it would have been in much better taste to throw their daughter  a simple wedding – wouldn’t half a million have done the job just as well?

And they could have donated the $2.5 million to pay for health care or food for hurting Americans. 

3 thoughts on “The wedding of her dreams….

  1. If the truth were
    know this wedding may be paid for out
    of some of the hidden taxes of our
    “Health Care” reform

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