There’s a fine line between “hot” and “trashy”


I blogged a few weeks ago about the great new sitcom starring Betty White and company.

It’s called “Hot in Cleveland” and something women of “a certain age” might get a kick out of. 

I taped the first three episodes and my house guests this weekend watched and  laughed so hard we had to go buy a cheesecake to recover (I think we were looking for another Golden Girls).

We all agreed this might be the best new hit of the season.  Uh-Huh.

I stayed up late last night (9 p.m. is a stretch for me) to see the next episode.  In the end, I  wanted to go wash my mouth out with soap and take a bath in Clorox.

What a pitiful attempt at comedy at the expense of  any generation, but especially MINE.  Betty White, you are still my hero, and I noticed you weren’t very involved much in this episode.

Betty, I’ll give you one more chance, then I’m canceling this program off my high tech DVR, or is it DRV or RVD – whatever it’s called.  Who cares, it will be gone. But I’ll have to call Braddock to cancel it.

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