Thieves in the night

break in

Nothing can spoil that warm holiday feeling more quickly than being robbed.  My friend and classmate from West Point is wrestling with that right now.

Sandra left home last Wednesday night to attend prayer meeting at her church.  When she returned an hour and a half later, she found her back door shattered and her home plundered.  Taken were small things that could be easily turned into cash.


“They stole 2 garnet necklaces that were gifts to me PLUS my retirement locket the courthouse gave me 2 years ago,” she said.  “The locket was not gold, but silverplate I think.  Had an “S” on the front, my 2 grandkids pics inside & on the back was engraved ‘Clay County Courthouse 1989-2009’.”  (What the heck would they want with that?)

The gun cabinet had been opened, but no guns taken.  The police surmise the thief or thieves were on foot and had no way to haul the big loot.  Two other homes in the area, located in central West Point, were also vandalized.

“They broke into another house around the corner from me,” she added.  “I had left my carport light on, the two lights on each side of my front door & there is a light that shines on the numbers to my house on the side of the carport.  They unplugged the spotlight in the front yard that was on shining on my snowman.”

Police warned her that it is possible the robbers could come back later for the larger things.   What a joyful thought.  What’s a person to do?


My first thought:  Get a dog.  A big bad dog.  The Clay County Humane Society, a no-kill facility, has an abundance of puppies and even mature dogs who could not only become your protector but give you years of joy and peace of mind.  Robbers will pass up a home with a barking dog.

For about five years, my son lived in an area of New Orleans which wasn’t the safest.  People all around him were robbed – one killed.  I’m convinced he was left alone because of Abercrombie, a retreiver mix and a dainty little thing.  She could mimic a doberman if someone approached their house on Magazine Street.

Other than that, I would urge everyone to be alert and call the authorities if you see anything out of the ordinary in your neighborhood. Strangers walking down the street after dark could be a dead give-away that something is amiss.  Call the authorities.

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