Time to bring out the ‘fumpkins’


School is back in session, fall football practices are heating up, and I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the first fall pumpkins in the super markets.

You know what that means – we can soon kiss this summer goodbye.

Always one to rush the season, especially if it is fall, today is the day I take down my big ole box of pumpkins. 

Each year the day after Halloween, I visit all the shops picking up cut-rate “fake” pumpkins (I call them ‘fumkins’).  Some of them are such good replicas, you have to thump them just to make sure.  Over the years, I must have collected 25 in all sizes and shapes.

They’re a pain to store, but they enable me to maintain my reputation as “First On the Block To Have a Pumpkin on the Porch.”  I couldn’t be more thrilled if I was judged ‘Ms. Ole Lady America!’


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