Time to face the music


I once read that a problem avoided is like a dead horse in the living room.  It gets to smelling something awful.

Since I tend to avoid conflict at all costs, I now have two dead horses in the living room.  Today they must be dealt with.

But, as usual, little voices remind me that all our troubles can serve a good purpose if we learn something from them.  As C. S. Lewis wrote, “God whispers to us in our pleasures…but shouts to us in our pains.”

Our troubles carry a silver lining because they grab our attention when we’re ignoring something important.

One thing for sure, if I don’t learn from my situation, it’s destined to sneak back in my life at a later date.  My particular problem has festered way too long and now I’ve got to go see the sheriff!

This too shall pass, and tomorrow I can start doing fun stuff again. 

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