Tithing tooth and nails


I just received a gift coupon for a free manicure from my friend Yvonne who felt sorry for me because I’d never had one done professionally.  I’m going to actually use it this time.  Just waiting for some Big Event.

But it reminded me of last year when I received a free manicure from another well meaning friend.  I gave it to my friend Marie who’s more into that sort of thing.  We were on our way to church, so she tucked it into her purse.

After mass, Father John called me to ask if his hands were offensive.  I was puzzled.  It so happens when Marie reached into her purse for her check she inadvertently dropped in the certificate for a manicure (which of course bore my name). It was worth a whopping $15 after all!

You’d have to know Father John to know he’ll never let me forget that incident .  But heck. I told him to go ahead and use it. Marie had her chance and blew it!

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