To cut or not to cut


I’ve always loved trees.  Love the shade they provide during long hot Mississippi summers; love watching them bud out each spring.  Now one tree in particular has become the bane of my existence.


I have a black walnut tree in my front yard and I’ve noticed that the perennial bed beneath it has never produced satisfactorily.  Shirley, my garden mama, brought me another stash of old gardening magazines yesterday and one contained an article on these trees.  Apparently they emit a toxic substance that is lethal to many species of flowers and vegetables. 

Since my garden is about the size of four postage stamps, I’m not sure I can afford the luxury of allowing this tree to taint a big portion thereof.  I do get a mediocre crop of walnuts each year, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to crack them, short of running the car over them.  Joe Tkach comes over late summer and picks up the walnuts and does I don’t know what with them.

I’m considering cutting the tree.  It’s keeping me up nights, and when I look at the tree I feel guilty. Any advice?

3 thoughts on “To cut or not to cut

  1. I tried to send you an email and I still have something wrong. Please send me an email so I can capture yours.

  2. If you decide to cut it down and it’s large enough, consider having the wood cut into planks, then planed and cut into 2×4’s or a mantle, etc.
    The hulls from the walnuts produce a beautiful dye bath for fabric, roving, etc. Have fun!

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