To dig or not to dig – that is the question

No Dig Garden

There is a new line of thinking amongst those that are educated in the fine art of gardening – at least it’s new to me.

Shirley told me about it when I told her I was borrowing a tiller to dig up my vegetable plot.  It’s called “No Till Gardening” and I like that idea a lot.  I can dig it baby!

no dig

After some research, I learned that this method may be preferable to the old till system.

Apparently, organic matter, bacteria, fungi and earthworms are all destroyed by tillage and not able to maintain the fine balance of harmony by providing nutrients to plants in a timely cycle.

Eventually more and more fertilizers must be used to maintain production and there goes your organic garden.

In a nutshell, no dig gardening consists of layering organic materials on top of the soil to create a nutrient rich environment for your plants and vegetables.

Sun smiling

No matter what your location, no dig vegetable gardens are an option for you.

I think I may give it  try on top of the burned out flower bed someone “gave” me on Good Friday. It may have been a blessing in disguise.


Instead of spending hours digging the weeds and hauling them away, you cover them with newspaper (at least 8 pages thick) to stop the weeds.  Then you layer on organic material like composted manure, sand, peat and some top soil.  I used stuff from my compost pile which included shredded leaves and kitchen waste.

Makes me happy to think that bunch of celery that rotted in my vegetable drawer will see new life.

Eventually, the paper will rot away, as the bed settles.

I think I’ll give it a try since I’ve already decided to plant my vegetables right in the front yard. I guess I’ll take to sitting on the front porch with a shotgun (toy of course)  to scare off tomato thieves and torch happy people.

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