Happy birthday, Ya’ll!


On December 10, Mississippians observed their 193 birthday. Well, maybe it was only just me.  I didn’t hear about anyone else celebrating.

For some reason I always remember the 10th  of  December  as the anniversary of Mississippi’s statehood.  My high school civics teacher drilled it into my head.  On that day I always cook up a mess of turnip greens, a pot of grits and sip a glass of sweet tea from my best champagne flute.

But now, I’m fed up. Down here in Mississippi, we’ve been kicked around, made fun of, and maligned by everyone from politicians to movie stars. Hogwash. I  maintain that Mississippi is the best place on the planet to live,  raise a family or just go hang out and chew the fat (real bacon, none of that turkey stuff).

Of course, we have problems in Mississippi and are often rated near (or at) the bottom of what most people consider the success scale.  Those of us lucky enough to be Mississippians can see our culture from the inside out, and listen you twits, there’s much to be proud of.

We have a resilient and hard working population.  We  place family and God above fame and fortune.  We are the birthplace of blues and jazz, not to mention Rock and Roll.  Ever hear of Elvis or Muddy Waters?  How ’bout B. B. King or Tammy Wynette?

We have something blooming year round thanks to a mild climate, but we still get a little snow from time to time to add some excitement and justify the coats in our closet.  In Mississippi, people still say “Yes, Ma’am, No Ma’am, Please and Thank You.”

If you’re new to our state or just your neighborhood, someone will bring you a banana puddin’.  And we do wear shoes – most of the time.

What state doesn’t have problems (California, you listening)? We know how to have fun without spending a penny.  Ever sit outside on the front porch at twilight with someone you love?  You can still see the stars, and hear the crickets, and see the lightening bugs, and know that all is well with your world —-IN MISSISSIPPI.

Yeah.  Mississippi ain’t no slouch.  Pardon my grammar, but it keeps me from cursing when I hear someone put us down.

We have fresh air, clean water and acres and acres of virgin wilderness where nature can still flourish.  We have the best people in the world who would do anything for you, then bring you chicken soup afterwards.

On Dec. 10, 1817, the western portion of Mississippi Territory was awarded statehood.  Mississippi became the 20th state of the Union. Natchez was the first state capital, but it was moved to Jackson in 1822. I’m hoping it will be moved to Starkville any day  now.

Happy birthday Mississippi. I do love you. Log onto wwwmississippibelieveit.com and see what you find.

4 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Ya’ll!

  1. Emily-
    You might add that people in Mississippi will smile at you and look you in the eyes- and say “Hello!” I’ve been in Pittsburgh for the past seven weeks-people here are so shocked when someone speaks to them with kindness. They say to me, “You’re not from around here, are you?” I proudly say, “No, I’m from Mississippi!”
    It must be the cold weather up here that makes the people so cold! I’ve missed reading you- welcome back! Sincerely, Ann

  2. Emily have you seen the project by the Cerlot agency from Jackson? If you have not please look at it. It is the best pro Mississippi project I have seen. Check it out today!

  3. Well, it didn’t take the website i had in the previous comment, so I’ll just tell you the name of the site it is Mississippibelieveit and is a dot com site.
    Sooner than I thought,

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