Totally useless news still interesting


Cable news loves a good hostage situation or car chase

Yesterday, the Nielsen Company released a report about the TV viewing habits of Americans . Apparently the average American watches 151 hours of television a month.

That works out to roughly five hours of TV . . . EVERY DAY. Since my television stays on about 16 hours a day, my stats will be way higher. (I’m trying to wear it out so I can justify one of those new flat panel plasma models.) 

cat tv I  admit, I’m a huge multi-tasker so I rarely just sit and watch television. But I am a news junkie and want to be the first to know about any breaking news.

Have you noticed how “breaking news” on the cable news channels is simply warmed over, regurgitated news from yesterday? They are still talking about that crash on the Hudson like it happened about two hours ago.  And if I have to watch one more story on”Octomom,” I’ll hit the set with a baseball bat and just be done with it.

Meanwhile the average American uses 23.6 rolls of toilet paper each year.  Since the ingredient which makes toilet paper soft is tree pulp, we are killing lots of trees. I don’t see any alternative unless we go back to the Sear’s catalog.  Do they still produce it?

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