Toyota blues, second verse

old lady driving

Good luck if you’re in a hurry and get behind me….

Connie Templeton just wrote me a note that cars are like dogs.  They age seven years for every one year for their human owners.  She should know since her husband, Chip, was an auto dealer in Starkville for many years.

So, since I purchased my Rav 4 in 2001, that makes her 63 years old, which is EXACTLY how many years I’VE been on the planet.  I can really bond with her now.

But, she should’ve already come out the other end of the dark  tunnel of menopause by now.  So what’s with this “recall” scandal?

Guess she has early calzheimers – that’s alzheimers in the car world and like with humans, the cases are growing daily.

Can’t she recall that I’ve changed her oil religiously every 4,000 miles and put in the good stuff.  I bought her new tires at 50,000 miles – 10,000 miles before recommended because I didn’t have my glasses on the day I was at Wal-mart and they had a tire sale going on (a five and a six look an awful lot alike if you’re blond, er, I mean blind).

In her defense, she’s never balked when I brake.  I’ll just drive her V-e-rrrry slowly – which is what you’re supposed to do when you get older.  Hope you don’t get behind me when you’re in a hurry.

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