Try eating with a fork lift


Just when you think you’ve heard every possible weight loss tip,  along comes another innovation that has you saying, “Oh Lord, what will they think of next.” 

The new “Knife and Fork Lift” struck me as hilarious, until I saw it featured on the food network today in an episode of “Invention Hunters.

The inventer says he can’t keep up with the orders.  The set sells for $39 and change.

When you think about it, he doesn’t have a bad idea. You get to do your strength training and have lunch at the same time.  I didn’t catch how much the utensils weigh but the weights look like my five pound “heavy hands.” They would certainly slow me down.

Hey, maybe I could come up with a weighted toothbrush, hair brush, feather duster, broom…oh my gosh, the list could go on and on. 

Here’s the ad from the internet in case anyone wants to invest.


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