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Picture this: I was five years old and just completed my first ballet recital. I was playing some kind of nymph with strings attached to pom pom balls hanging off each of my fingers. The last thing my teacher, Mrs. Chandler, told me was “keep your fingers splayed so your balls won’t get twisted.” (Remember: this is BALLET talk.)

I didn’t know what “splayed” was, so of course, my balls got twisted, and I couldn’t concentrate or keep my balance. I fell on my face. Never mind, my Daddy was there on the front row taking movie pictures of my fiasco, oblivious to the fact that his daughter was the one failure in the group of nymphs.

I thought about that tonight as I watched my daddy on stage. Here I was – 50 something – being totally obnoxious with my camera to get a “movie picture” of my 80-something daddy who received the nicest award his town offers – Hometown Hero. He’s the second one from left on first row. Isn’t he cute? He’s seated right beside my friend Caroline Harrell who was another perfect choice for hometown hero. She certainly is one of mine.

Two more of my personal heroes are in the second row. Kenny Dill – the middle tall one-has been mayor of West Point longer than any other man could stand it, and Robbie Robinson, at his right, was my class cut up who got serious and served as chancery clerk for the past gazillion years.

But back to my story. Daddy had to climb a steep case of stairs to receive his award which bothered me. Thank goodness there was an escort there to help him. The last thing I remember is he slapped the poor man’s hand away and did it all by himself. After my ball incident, I got up all by myself too. Oh thank goodness, maybe I have his genes after all.

The reason for this occasion was the 150th anniversary celebration of the founding of West Point, Mississippi. Though I don’t live there anymore, it was a great place in which to grow up.

Of course, I took Daddy for an ice cream cone after his stellar performance.

Oh, I forget to mention that the award plaques were made from the seats from our old football stadium! Now, who in the world came up with that great idea?

6 thoughts on “Turn, Turn , Turn

  1. This is a wonderful picture — they are a truly deserving group of people. As I watched last night, I thought again how lucky you are to have such a person as Dr. Braddock for your father. And, I too, saw him push that person’s helpful hand away and almost sprint up those steps that I had earlier in the nite needed a hand to go up and down! He is a thoughtful and giving man who deserves every honor we can give him — we all thank him for all he has done.

    To answer your question as to who came up with the idea to use the seats from the stadium, that was Rob Smith, Director of West Point Vocational Center. The plaques were designed and made by Rob Smith, Bobby Graham and his students of the Metal Trades Department. They have made other plaques for different occasions and are so talented. We were all impressed with their work and thought it would be appropriate for them to produce the award for these “Hometown Heroes”.

  2. I was pretty proud of you too. You did a fabulous of job of orchestrating this celebration. I’ll make you a promise – if you’ll chair the biennial celebration in 50 years, I’ll serve as your co-chair!

    Think we can get some more of that “seat lumber” to make some earrings for the Marganitas?

  3. Emily,
    Congrats to your dad.
    Sorry your balls incident was caught on camera. What became of that film, by the way?

  4. Emily,

    I never knew your dad but was told that he was to West Point what the late Dr. Feddy Eckford was to Starkville and that is a huge compliment. Your dad, Dr. Braddock, is indeed a “hometown hero” and you should be very proud of him.

    I enjoy your blogs very much and have gotten some very good recipes from you. Keep up the good work.


  5. Ditto to Ruthie’s comment. I bet your Daddy was just as proud of you that day you got your balls twisted as you were of him on Friday evening. 2008
    has been the year for honoring Dr Braddock and his contributions to making West Point and Clay County a better place and as you said there is
    another recognition coming up on Dec 8. We are truly grateful to you and your family for sharing him with us all these years. So many times we do not get a chance to express our love and appreciation until it’s too late, thanks to so many, this has not been the case with your Daddy.


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