Turning over a new leaf


At last, September has arrived!

Of all the months in the year, I like September best.  The weather grows cooler (hopefully), and you have Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas to look forward to. 

Football season gets in full gear and pumpkins will appear in the local supermarkets any day now.

My thoughts begin to turn to candles, cinnamon and  a crackling fire.

images It won’t be long before we can see such spectacular color.




Since ancient times, September has been viewed as the beginning of a new year and a time for reflection and resolution.   Leaves will soon begin to change into their brilliant yellows and reds, and it’s the perfect time for us to turn over a new leaf too.

I’m tweaking the resolutions I made in January and dumping those that don’t suit me. Did I really want to compete in a Triathlon this year? I hate swimming and never did like getting my hair wet. 

September resolutions don’t require champagne or fireworks, only quiet reflection on what we hope to accomplish before 2011 becomes history.  We’ve got four months and 122 days to get it done. 

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