Twas the Day AFTER Christmas…

Tis the day AFTER Christmas, and all through these rooms, the clutter is growing, and I can’t find my brooms.

The stockings still hang by the chimney over there. Santa forgot them during the Xmas nightmare.

My company has departed in a dizzying procession. I feel I’m descending into post holiday depression.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear…My new red Daytimer for the approaching New Year.

There still dreams to dream, and temptations to resist. My spirits soar as I make my new list.

Renewed and refreshed, the clutter I clear. So I wish to you all a most happy New Year!

Serioiusly, my house is upside down worse than an adjustable rate mortgage. Secretly, I’m a little excited about getting the place cleaned up and making preparations for 2009 when I will be nicer, thinner, calmer, and definitely more frugal. I’ll tell you later about some of my Christmas gifts. It was my best Christmas ever in terms of the gifts I received. It was probably my worse in gifts I gave! I’m starting today on my shopping for Christmas 2009!

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