‘Twas the night before awesome


I’m not much of a movie goer, so when my son Braddock announced we should see the movie “Avatar” on the big I-Max screen in Nashville on Christmas Eve, I began to feign a headache.

Sci Fi movies are my least favorite genre. Heck, I can barely sit through my favorite “chick flick” without breaking out in hives.  Besides I had a free pass to the holiday buffet downstairs at the Loews Hotel where my other son William is food and beverage manager.

To make matters worse, the show lasts about three hours – no way could I sit through that.  I’d rather watch paint dry, I mumbled to myself.


Then, B informed me that the movie is in 3-D which might be fun.  I haven’t seen a 3-D movie since I was wearing a retainer and a training bra. So off we went and settled in for the dreaded epic.

Listen, this movie knocked my socks off. I even lost one of my false eyelashes somewhere along the way.

If you haven’t yet seen James Cameron’s “Avatar,” you are in for the experience of a lifetime. Trust me.  You won’t be able to get it out of your head.

This movie takes you to some  far away world where humans are attempting to steal a substance that lays under the surface of the planet. The locals – tall skinny blue people with funny noses and yellow eyes – are desperate to keep their pristine environment intact.  It was eerily reminiscent of the old “Cowboy and Injun” movies from my childhood.  Like then, I was rooting for the underdogs.

Somehow two of the humans  manage to convert themselves to bodies of the locals and join the tribe.  A love story ensues and the main character realizes the folly of the expedition and tries to help the blue people protect their planet.


In the movie,  James Cameron digitally creates beautiful scenes and creatures that draw you into the action via the 3-D glasses. James Cameron must have the imagination of a latter day  Leonardo DaVinci.

I jumped out of my seat at least once and B was probably regretting that he invited me go along.

I loved this movie.  I treasure  the entire experience.  It opened up my world in ways I never saw coming.  My New Year’s resolution is to stop being so stubborn and try new things even when they seem boring and silly.   But be warned, it may do funny things to your head.  Driving home last night, we passed a truck and I swear it was being driven by one of the “blue people.”

Call your local theater for showtimes, but Avatar Imax 3d is probably the best way to go. If you have an Imax in your area, you should check there first.

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