Tweaking the house clears my head

renovation 003

Glen James, my handyman extraordinaire, has done it again.

He has updated my aging kitchen and brought me into the 21st century. I really like the change.

I remodeled my 1888 farm house 13 years ago and it was beginning to show its age – and my gross  lack of taste during that black period of my life.

He spent the last two days tearing off my old Formica center island and replacing it with marble tiles. We priced granite and this was a small fraction of its cost.  I like it better, but stay tuned for how well it holds up to my sloppy, dropsy cooking style.

kitchen renovation 001 He took down my tired old froufrou chandelier (see before shot at left) that looked like it came out of a Strawberry Shortcake lunch box,  and replaced it with clean new pendants.

The old fixture sent all the light up to the ceiling. The new pendants direct them  down to allow me to actually SEE again. I was beginning to think I had cataracts!

I was so inspired, I waxed the floors with a new product I found at Lowe’s.  It’s called Quick Shine Floor Finish for Wood Floors and I’m pretty impressed. I can see my reflection looking down at the floor although I wish I hadn’t viewed myself from that angle.

You know, some might say it’s not good to take a such short cuts, but I say, at this point in the game, anything that feels  so good can’t be all that bad.

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