Unhappy Halloween

halloween 004 Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and you don’t get to have the great time you were planning.

Suddenly, you have a contagious disease and no one wants to be around you. So you do what you can to salvage the day.

You eat the cake you were planning to take to the party.!  Oh yeah.  This is much better than going to the party anyway.

All my friends are in West Point  dressed like the living dead celebrating Halloween. I’m in front of the fire eating the treats, watching football. Now who do you think is smarter.

But yet, I was so looking forward to being a witch.  Maybe I’m just too sweet to be a witch.

halloween 003 Frida doesn’t seem to having any problem.  She took my place at the party and promised to be my eyes and ears.”

“Emily, I won’t let anyone say a bad thing about you,” she declared.  She also promised to take some pictures with my camera which is still sitting by the back  door.

Hmph.  You can’t trust anyone on Halloween!

3 thoughts on “Unhappy Halloween

  1. We missed you, things just weren’t the same. Hope you’re feeling
    much better. Love Ya!

  2. Emily, I asked about you and was told you were sick. Sorry that you missed a good time. Hope you are feeling better. Must tell you that my mother called to tell me about the “party” the first you memtioned it in your article. She wanted to make sure I knew about it. Then called again to report that Normal was getting witch’s hats for all of ya’ll did I need mine that she had. She keeps up with you!!!

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