Vegan food for thought


I’m not, nor ever have been a vegan – but I respect those whose convictions lead them in that direction.  Ditto for those increasing number of folks who are going gluten-free.  Seems like all kinds of foods are suddenly on the hit list.

Some fibromialgia suffers claim that a vegan diet helps with pain management.   And vegetarian eating has long been associated with lower blood cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, less obesity and consequently less heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and mortality.

4481 I submit that a vegan diet might also help with your bank account. I never knew until today that many vegans refused to wear any item of clothing that derived from the animal kingdom – furs, silk, wool, and leather – all big tickets items.

A lady being interviewed on the radio today even said she had a button printed up which she pens on her “fake fur” coat.  It reads “This is a fake.”  Oh gee.  It’s gotten to where you can’t leave the house without offending someone.

I guess true vegans wear plastic shoes and polyester?  Hey, I’ll fit right into the new vegan culture.  I’ve taken to wearing both plastic and polyester since I graduated from middle life into senior citizendom. 

And I’ve never owned a fur.

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