Waisting away in pizzaritaville


I’ve had a lot of folks e-mailing me to find out how much weight I’ve lost since I’ve been training for the half marathon.  My answer is:  TaDa – I don’t know!

Honest.  I haven’t been on the scales in over a month. I’m taking some advice and going for “waist loss” rather than weight loss.  My goal is 32 inches – you guys out there can get away with 35.  If I were a guy, I’d be just about right.  It’s not fair!


I don’t think I’ve lost a single pound, because I’ve been eating like there’s no tomorrow.  I read the world food supply is running thin, so I decided to enjoy anything my heart desires while it’s still available.

Desides, doesn’t it sound easier to lose three inches rather than 15 pounds?

I did notice I can now fasten my jeans without laying down on the bed.  And my waist has wasted a full two inches since New Year’s Day.  At that rate I’ll be about the size of Scarlet OHara by Halloween.  I may even go trick or treating dressed like Scahlet!

Let me tell you about my new favorite supper recipe. I made it up myself and it’s so delicious and low cal, I sometimes have two.   First you go to Kroger and buy a pack of Kangeroo whole wheat pita pockets.  You’ll need two halves to make two pizzas. Run around the edge with a sharp knife to separate into two rounds.  Place them on a broiler pan and spray liberally with Olive Oil Pam and sprinkle with garlic powder. Run under broiler.

When they are a little crisp around the edges, remove and plunk plenty of Kroger pizza sauce all over both pitas, spreading it on as thick as you wish. Top with a handfull of mozzarella and six slices of pepperoni (two on each half of a half).  Over that sprinkle with Parmesan Cheese and run back under the broiler till bubbly. I use a lot of fresh basil, oregano and parsley from my greenhouse.

You can also add sliced tomatoes, peppers, whatever floats yer boat. The more the merrier.

Oh my gosh.  These are better than Papa John or Mr. Domino ever attempted…and a whole lot healthier. But who cares.  I’m just trying to keep up my strength for the marathon.

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