Waiting for the next big thing


I’ve spent far too much time in my life waiting for what I call “the next big thing”- those red letter days when you get the big promotion or win the lottery.

Thankfully, I’ve come to realize that ordinary life IS the big thing. 


As a child I remember my mother tucking me in bed at night with promises that we’d do something special in the morning – like bake cookies or paint the handlebars on my bike. With her, there was always a jewel buried within each 24 hour compartment.

What a gift she gave me and shame on me for losing that childlike delight in ordinary everyday pleasures.  She taught me that even during the blackest periods, there are always reasons to anticipate each new day. 

As my career and former life grow dimmer in my rearview mirror each day, I’m finding a renewed interest in “the next small thing.”  As I drifted off last night, I smiled at the ceiling.  Today I go buy my pumpkins!!

Life is sweet.

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