Washing machine tip of the month

washing machine

There are a few things your mother may have forgotten to teach you, or maybe she thought you were too smart to do such stupid things.

Remember when I announced that everything but my A/C and washing machine had broken down within the span of a few weeks?  Well, I’m working on breaking all of them. The washing machine has bitten the dust and that leaves only the air conditioner which I won’t need for a few seasons, I hope.

I tried to wash a rug last week. It was too heavy for the job, plus it had been sitting on my back porch for five summers and even though I shook it until there was nothing left to shake out, it made sludge the Mississippi River would have been proud of.  The spin cycle revolted and I had to dip out the muddy water with a measuring cup.

My trusty repair man arrived this morning to bail me out of yet another predicament.  People are going to begin talking, because his truck is parked in my driveway at least twice a month.  He fixed the problem in less than 20 minutes, but we spent 40 minutes sharing photos of our Boston Terriers.  His baby looks just like my Rebel.  We think they might share a father.

Long story short, don’t ever try to wash a rug in your washing machine.  The backing comes off.  I didn’t even know that was the problem until he began pulling out this gunky wormy looking stuff from the drain.  He said it was the rug backing, and that it is one of those things that keeps his phone ringing.

If you ever need a good repair man, call Aaron’s Appliance Repair.  He’s good, honest and a lot of fun to drink coffee with while sharing photos of your babies.

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