We be junkin’

Brenda hauls a truck load of stuff away before the sale begins.

I never knew how grueling…or how much fun it is to hold a yard sale. My friend Brenda and I have been complaining for months that we can’t go junkin’ anymore because every inch of our homes are by now stuffed with items we thought we couldn’t live without.

The turguois lamp she picked up at a second hand store called her name although she had nothing remotely turquois in her home. It was as out of place as the “dancing rabbit” I bought at a garage sale. It’s been stuffed in a steamer truck for almost six years. Talk about impulse shoppers!

We decided to hold a giant, joint yard sale where we could unload all our white elephants on unsuspecting shoppers like ourselves. We worked all week, unpacking boxes, pulling things out of closets and dreaming of all the new space we would create in our homes. (We live across the street from each other.)

We set the date for Saturday, June 7, and I placed an ad in the newspaper. Ginger, another neighbor, decided to join us, so on Friday we began hauling, arranging and pricing the assortment of mismatched and unwanted items in anticipation of the big day. By noon, I had spotted a fabulous dresser in Brenda’s stash that I thought could be renovated into a sink for my guest bathroom. I exchanged it for a black wrought iron bakers rack that once held my cookbooks and a bookcase that would provide me more storage for the millions of books I drag home each year.

Suddenly we were eyeing each other’s piles with heightened interest. Most of these oddwod things had been hidden from the world and now they were out in the sunlight. I spotted a casserole dish in the shape of a chicken that I thought was devine. Brenda’s mother had used it for decades to serve the Christmas dressing. She figured she could sell it to me really cheap and if her mother asked about it she could run across the street and buy it back.

Do you see a pattern here? We spent the entire day in 95 degree heat running back and forth to make sure our “purchases” would work in our respective homes. Before we knew what was happening, there wasn’t much left for the people who show up at sunrise tomorrow looking for bargains. In fact, our garage sale might be considered a complete dud by people who frequent these affairs.

But we sure had fun and maybe by dawn tomorrow we’ll decide to put them all back in the yard sale. Except the White Chicken Casserole. I’m keeping it baby.

2 thoughts on “We be junkin’

  1. Hey Marty – I’ve loaded everything in the back of my truck. Before I deliver it to the Salvation Army I’ll give you a chance to get anything you might want – but don’t expect too much. If it didn’t sell for 50 cents you probably don’t want it either.

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