Week Three – Preparing for the half marathon


The  merry marathon ladies  just completed week three.  (Bet you never thought we’d make it.)  Today was the most grueling ever.  We did seven miles through deserts, hills plains…and right into the local deli. 

I never had a meal that I felt less quilt about.  We even bought a giant chocolate chip cookie and split it.  Of course we got into a fight about who got the biggest piece.

What have I gotten myself into?  Marie and Judy want to do a “HIKE” on Valentine’s Day – into the mountains.  We’ve got to buy boots and everything.  What ever happened to romance.  If there’s a man out there who would rather eat chocolate on Valentines Day….call me.

2 thoughts on “Week Three – Preparing for the half marathon

  1. Emilllllllly!!!!!!
    Forget the men, forget the chocolate….go get your hiking boots! Otherwise, you’ll have to wear the ones in the picture and the rest of the group won’t let us hike with them. Besides….you will just LOVE climbing those 900 ft. mountains!!!! LOL

  2. Hey Marie – I got my boots – Judy called me Monday and told me to get myself over to Columbus – they were on sale for $17. So I’ll be hiking with cheap boots – but they’re black and poiple. My favorite color combinations – what a fashion statement we’ll make – you with your camo boots and me with my poiple. I may pass out, but my feet will look good.

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