Weighing in on MSU billboard


A billboard in Oxford is the talk of the town for rebel fans. The billboard is a Mississippi State University advertisement.

egg While MSU officials said the billboard is just an advertisement, rebel fans said the billboard is a slap in the face.

The billboard sits on a busy street in Oxford near the Ole Miss Campus.

The ad shows MSU football players holding up the egg bowl trophy next to the words "Play with the best."

Rebel fans said they feel MSU is rubbing in last year’ Egg Bowl win.  MSU officials said the billboard is only about recruitment.

"We do billboards for different reasons. In this particular instance this board is placed strategically to try to attract student athletes to our campus. We’ve done similar billboards elsewhere in the past," said Mike Nemeth, Sr. Associate Athletic Director for MSU.

Michael Thompson Sr. Associate Athletic Director with Ole Miss said he was not surprised at all about the billboard.

"They (MSU) have an audience they want to reach and they are going to buy certain media that reach that audience and in certain markets that they want to target. It’s not any different than what we are doing. We target markets that we see as great opportunity markets for the message we want to send," said Thompson.

Knowing this still doesn’t sit well with Harrison Edwards.  He said some lines you just don’t cross.

"You know I don’t see any Ole Miss stuff down in Starkville. I think it’s more of a respect thing," said Edwards. The billboard went up January 1, and will remain until the end of the month.

Now, you all know that I’m a fan of both Ole Miss and State, but I think this antic is a royal waste of money and a tad silly.  Nuff said.

Source:  WTVA

3 thoughts on “Weighing in on MSU billboard

  1. This may surprise you Emily——-but, I agree with you. And, I feel that it will come home to haunt us!

    Shirley D.
    #1 MSU fan

  2. Shirley, it doesn’t surprise me at all. Like me, you probably wouldn’t like driving down Highway 12 and having to look at a billboard featuring a player from that school up North urging our boys to “go Rebel.”

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