We’re off to the "Alabama Alps" for all-day hike


I think we’re ready.  We spent the morning collecting all we’ll need for our all day hike in the “Alabama Alps” aka Sipsey State Park. We’re leaving as soon as Marie and Judy get off work.

You’ll note I’m a little heavy on the food and drink.  I even bought a murder mystery for when everyone runs off and leaves me.  I’ll just sit under a tree, open my book and enjoy my snacks.  This is going to be such fun! Ooops, think I’ll add a blanket.

Thank goodness, Lucky got over her “condition” and is recuperating nicely on her throne.  She just had a big breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast.  She lost half her weight during her five-day stay at the Vet’s. (She could have stayed at the Hilton for less than I spent.) I have medical personnel coming in to care for her while I’m gone…and of course she has Rebel to keep her company.


Hey, do me a favor.  If you don’t see anything posted by Sunday, please call Smokey the Bear and ask him to do a search.

I’m not sure I have enough snacks to get me past Saturday.

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