What a break!


Thank goodness I wasn’t there or I’m sure I would have been the unfortunate klutz who tripped over a rug and smashed a $30,000 trophy!


Alabama’s 2011 BCS championship Waterford trophy was smashed over the weekend in what school officials described as an unfortunate accident.  Oh gee, I’m sick about breaking my crystal bird valued at $3.  I can only imagine how that poor man feels about breaking a Waterford football valued at $30,000.

I’m somewhat of an expert on gluing broken things back together.  Olivia, ask them to call me and I’ll be glad to come over and piece it back together.  (It may not be in the shape of a football, is that okay?)

A university spokesman said the crystal football was knocked over by the parent of a current Crimson Tide player inside the school’s Mal Moore Athletic Facility on Saturday.  Bless his heart.

Well, you know what? Shame on whomever placed that ball in such a precarious place that it could be knocked over.  Boys will be boys, and I learned a long time ago to keep my pretties in a place where no man is allowed to lounge.

The championship trophy has been broken before. In 2008, former Georgia tight end Orson Charles accidentally knocked over Florida’s trophy during a recruiting visit.

2 thoughts on “What a break!

  1. I have forwarded your offer to repair the National Championship Trophy to the athletic department, and I am sure you will be receiving a call tomorrow! 1064, right?

  2. Too funny. Happy Birthday. Be thinking how the marganita’s can celebrate. How bout a train trip up the east coast – you know I can’t fly anymore (got too heavy).

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