What can I do to make someone’s life better?

lending a hand js

Hmm.  That was the question posed today by Father John in his homily to the parishioners of St. Joseph Catholic Church.

It was an intriguing question, and he challenged us to use that as a guidepost in dealing with our friends and family members every day.

The scripture was from John 15: 6-17 when Jesus entreated his audience to love their neighbors as themselves.  In some kind of convoluted way, Father John connected the message with the Tom Cruise movie “Jerry McGuire.” (Father John is admittedly convoluted at times.)

He reminded us that Jerry McGuire was a promoter who would do anything to sign an athlete – and often used the phony line “What can I do today to make your life better?”

McGuire was self-serving, but Father John thought the message was profound and could be turned around, well, maybe turn the world around.  What if we all did what we could to make life better for somebody, one little gesture at a time. On the way out of church I saw an elderly couple, helping each other negotiate the hilly terrain.  It brought tears to my eyes.

I remember dividing my daisies and not sharing them with my neighbors because I didn’t have a pot to put them. I remember not tossing any money into the Salvation Army bucket because I’d already given that week.  I’m a slug.

Tomorrow, I’m going to do one thing to make someone’s life better.  It will be something greater than scrambling an egg for Lucky Dawg.  It will be something that will force me to go out of my way to be human.

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