What did we do to deserve this?


Today, as I cleaned out my refrigerator I wanted to give myself 30 lashes.  There, hidden here and there, were the leftovers from an over-indulgent Thanksgiving. 


It was obscene.  I felt so guilty that I went over to the Piggly Wiggly and stuffed a $20 bill in the Salvation Army kettle.

People around the globe are suffering, and here we are throwing out leftovers.  Our leftovers could feed a third world country. 

So we  live in our homes, with heat and well stocked refrigerators and big screened televisions,  and complain about whatever we can figure out what to complain about. We should be ashamed. 

I don’t know if I mentioned that I don’t have any heat. This is kind  of research for me. 

My heating unit went on the blink two weeks ago when the temperatures dipped in the 20s.  My A/C man told me that my expensive A/C unit (a Heil) had gone haywire and I needed to replace it.  To the tune of $5500. 

Say what?  I put in a Heil because I thought it was so good – guaranteed to last 30 years.  They won’t even take my calls. So am I going to die a cold old woman with chocolate stains on her sweat shirt.  NOT! I’m fighting back.  My power bills totaled $85 this month! That’s electricity AND gas.

Go jump Atmos Energy. I don’t need you.

To my girlfriends coming over for the cookie swap next week.  Don’t worry.  I have two fireplaces pumping out more heat than you’ll ever need. You might want to wear your gloves for when you visit the powder room.

My point is, I now know what it is like to be cold.  There are people right here in this country who are cold and hungry. If you are not among these people, you are very fortunate.

So back to my original questions: What did we  do to deserve these perks?  I think the answer is “nothing.” God chose to bless us and I’m puzzled why we are trying so hard to remove Him from our lives.

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