What ever happened to civility?


I was raised by a great Southern Lady who said “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”  I’ve tried to live by that rule, although I sometimes forget, and become caustic and unkind.

It never fails to come back and bite me, and I regret it later. (After attacking Dr. Oz in a previous post, I’ve had a toothache for two days.)

meanWatching the news and people (especially politicians) yelling  and belittling each other has disgusted me to the point I had to cut the news out of my life.  I put my brand new television on the Light Classical music station or Rhythm and Blues, and I feel a lot more peace.

The thing that really chapped me was a caustic letter that some angry reader wrote to our local  newspaper telling the editor how lousy the paper is, suggesting it should become a weekly.   She didn’t offer any suggestion, just attacked the publication and everyone who works there. I guess that includes me since I still do stories from time to time.  I kept wondering if she would have done that if her child worked for the paper.

I wonder how anyone can be so rude and insensitive to attack people when they are doing the best they can.  Our reporters are underpaid and over-worked. I asked Leilani (our editor) and she said she had an obligation to print all letters to the editor –nice or nasty.  This letter established a new high for “nasty.”

Complaining about the local newspaper is a national past-time. But it’s ours, and like your sister, you can complain all you want, but don’t let me hear it.

One thought on “What ever happened to civility?

  1. Amen, Emily.

    Also, one day I heard some one say that “most folks are doing the best that they can most of the time”————–and the more I think about it, the more profound that statement is.


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