What exactly does that mean?

BABEE_thumbby Sherry White Jeffcoat

Since I wrote that article a few weeks ago about things we say and don’t know what they mean, phrases are still constantly popping into my head. I realized how often we say things  that we are just regurgitating and don’t have a clue what they mean!

Here are some more for you to ponder about why the heck we say these things and what do they mean? I am also throwing in some irritating new

phrases that just for some unknown reason drive me nuts. Lets see if any of you feel the same way.

Let’s start off with a few irritating phrases first.

(1)" Baby Daddy" – this is at the top of my most irritating phrase list. Have we gotten so lazy that we can not say " the father of my baby" or even "my baby’s daddy" would do. Even better would be "MY HUSBAND!!"

(2)" Baby Bump" – What happened to just saying a woman is pregnant? Often when a "baby bump" is pointed out the poor woman isn’t even pregnant. She just ate Mexican food for Heaven’s sake.

(3) "At the end of the day"- Well obviously that means at the end of the day….but noooo people use it now instead of the word Sooooo. We used to say "when all is said and done" but the catch phrase now is " at the end of the day " blah blah blah.

(4) words and phrases used on the Bachelor and Bachelorette…"this amazing journey we are taking" and "taking it to the next level". I don’t know why those irritate me so much, guess I watch too much reality TV, but sure wish the participants could come up with something original.

(5) "Have a blessed day" …Now I feel guilty being irritated by this one. The speaker only means it in a nice way, but who is blessing my day? I don’t think the speaker had the authority. I guess people got tired of "Have a nice day" and needed to have something to send you off with like….. my next one which is…

(6) "God speed"  Anyone have a clue what that one means? Really…God speed?….Ok umm thank you I am off to God speed…

(7) "WHATEVER ! " This is one people use to get out of using their verbal skills. It makes them sound like they had the final word when it really means they ran out of words to use to express themselves.

Okay I have a feeling I will be back with more irritating phrase articles, those are just a few off the top of my head that drive me nuts. Now on to more expressions and what the heck do they mean and why do we say them.

(1) blah blah blah and "including the kitchen sink"….Now what does throwing in a kitchen sink into the mix mean? It is said like a kitchen sink is not really something important. It would make more sense to say something like "including a spoon" or "including a nail clipper" . We really really need kitchen sinks so I am left to ponder how in the world that one got started.

cat abnd dogs

(2) "raining cats and dogs" ????????????????????? ummmmmm really? Really???

(3) "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"……ugly is ugly no matter how you want to say it.

(4) "Hard Headed" Now how does that equal "stubborn"? What does your head being hard have to do with you being stubborn? What would "soft headed " mean? Oh yeah, it means soft in the head which means you aren’t all there. Now I get it. NOT

(5) "Living on a shoe string" Now I know what that is like, but I don’t know what it means. I can’t figure out even one comparison to make with having no money to "living on a shoe string." Sounds very uncomfortable though….

(6) " Wish Upon a Star" Try it….that star is really listening to ya…

(7) " Once in a Blue Moon" I understand" When Hell freezes over" is in the same vein of thought, but just don’t get itttt

(8) "When the **** hits the fan"…..Why would anyone throw **** at a fan?

(9) "Shooting the breeze" We all do it, but what is it? Why would we shoot a breeze?

(10) "That is a bunch of bull ****" How did we equate bull **** with a bunch of lies?

(11) "One for the road" Why do we need a drink for the road? If it is an alcoholic drink for the road well DUHHH but even if it means water, then you would just have to make a lot of potty stops.

(12) "Johnny come lately" Well Bill and Harold were late too!

(13) " Well it is your dime"  Why dime? "Well, it is your dollar!" Yep that sounds better.

(14) "Once Upon a Time" Now I say this one with great fondness because as the story goes, when I was a little girl I would start all of my stories with that line, only to just add " An old goose came along looked around and that’s all" Then I would turn to the cousin or sister next to me to hear a really good story. I had fulfilled my turn in my 2 year old head. But I am curious about how " Once Upon a Time" replaced something like "A Long Time Ago", or " Back Then". Our fairytales start with that line.

I guess I need to get a job instead of wasting my mind’s space on the origins of useless phrases, but WHATEVERRRR

(Editor’s note:  How about “amazing.”  Everything is amazing according to television talkers.  That  blinding finger nail polish is “amazing” as is the steering wheel on a car.  It’s used sooo much that it’s lost its luster, and certainly its original meaning.)

16 thoughts on “What exactly does that mean?

  1. Godspeed = “may God prosper you, grant you success”, short for “God speed you”.

    This expression is used especially when someone is leaving on a journey for a specific purpose. That is, it is not just a general wish for a safe journey, or generic ‘good luck’, but a wish/prayer that they will have success in what they are setting out to do. Thus, though used mainly when someone is literally setting out, it can also simply be used to wish someone well in a VENTURE they are embarking on, even if it does not involve a physical journey.

  2. Have a Blessed Day is so over used in this area! Baby Daddy and Baby bump… really! I’m with you, just say my husband or pregnant for the love of god!!

  3. You make many valid points. The ‘Baby Daddy’ and ‘Baby Bump’ are the two that I dislike the most. Some of the older phrases like ‘Raining Cats and Dogs’ and ‘Hard Headed’ (my endearing pet name for hubby) are some I still find slipping out of my mouth from time to time. I do hate the way many people are butchering our language. A prime example is my beloved Saints football team attaching itself to the ‘Who Dat’ nonsense that people started after Katrina.
    Enjoyed the write as always. Kepp them comming my friend. Linda

  4. My stepfather had a saying that I never asked him to explain. He was the son of a wealthy doctor and grew up in the Delta. It was, “Go ahead, help yourself to the dark side of the meat!”
    Would anyone like to pontificate on this one?

  5. i don’t think that i use many of these pat phrases; however, NOW i’m so aware of other people using them!!!! .thanks ….sis for another fantastic article!

  6. So true. However, we can certainly define the generation the speaker belongs to just by the phrase he/she uses. Wanna’ have some fun? Next time you say good-bye to someone…particularly an irritating someone, try saying ” Woof!” Watch their reaction.

  7. Laughing out loud. What about “flying by the seat of your pants?” I’ve tried it, but never became airborne. Add “awesome” and “totally awesome” to the over-used pet peeve list. I love your quirky insight into the the of baby boomers. looking forward to your next article.

  8. “Raining Cats and Dogs”…I remember reading that, in the days of thatch roofs, when there was a really, really lengthy, hard rain, the thatch roofs would hold so much water that cats and dogs that often stayed on top of roofs to keep warm by the heat rising within the home, would fall through the heavily soaked thatch.

  9. I now have the answer to the question I posed above. I credit Mr. Maury Shurlds, of Tchula, MS, Marcia McGlohn’s father, with enlightening me about the meaning of this term.

    Once explained to me, I immediately saw the easiest way to pass it’s meaning on. We, parents, through many years of making our own dumb choices in life, often advise our children on how they should do something, or more importantly, what they should and should not do.

    I am absolutely sure that I am the only one to have experienced this, but, occasionally, our children fail to hear and absorb our well intentioned advice. I am surrering through this as we speak. When they don’t hear it, and insist on going on and doing something “their way”, even though hurt and heartache, or problems are to follow, this is the appropriate place to say, “Help yourself to the dark side of the meat.”

    In essence meaning, we’ve given you our best advice, you’ve ignored it, so go ahead and find out the consequences.

    Mystery solved.

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