What have I done to anger the appliance Gods?


I searched my soul and cannot imagine what I have done to anger the Gods of all things remotely technical.  First my plumbing is malfunctioning, and now my AC is rumbling worse than the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906.

And of course, it’s Saturday!

Have you noticed how these things often happen in multiples.

I figure the repairmen of the world are all in cahoots and when one of them makes a service call, they flip a switch while you’re not looking so their partners in crime can get a call and a fat check, too.  My microwave turned up dead last month and I just discovered my refrigerator is leaking.  Bet you a dollar my hair dryer is on the fritz but I wouldn’t know since I can’t take a shower or wash my hair.

I’m waiting for the AC man to come take a look – but I’m watching him like a hawk, or he’ll probably put his gum in my new Direct TV satellite and render it inactive before I can watch the Bulldogs beat Auburn.  If MSU loses, you can probably blame it on me.

I’m just going to go ahead and check in a Holiday Inn and see if all their equipment goes haywire.  Then, I will know it’s pay back time for all my evil deeds.

two hours later….

HHPS (that stands for happy, happy post script) — forget what I just said about repairmen.  My faith has been restored by one man by the name of Don Rhodes – write down this number 662-324-9091 and call him if you have a problem with your heat or air.  I sometimes tease him that he can pull a hair out of his head and twine it around the coils and it works again.

He came by (on a Saturday no less)  and fixed my AC unit – apparently the plumber did knock it off balance. See? When he left, my AC was humming like a songbird.

But get this – he worked for 45 minutes and didn’t charge me a cent.  Now, don’t try this on a Saturday – he’ll probably charge you.

“I just took off the fan blades and cleaned them up and really didn’t do anything else,” he said with the cutest grin you ever saw.  “You’re a good customer and I had to come by here anyway. (Well, of course, I’m a good customer – I’m the queen of Malfunction  Junction which has replaced the one that was previously located on the campus of Mississippi State University.)

I would have kissed him but his son was in the truck.  I highly recommend this repairman.

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