What to do when you want to give up

giv up

So, you feel like giving up do you?  Well here’s the good news -  you’re normal.  Everyone goes through it.  It’s human nature to want to give up. 

Could be anything – smoking, eating healthy, exercising, cleaning the house, yadayada… There are days you just don’t won’t to put in the effort.


In fact, I got up this morning and really didn’t feel like going to work out and get back on my healthy eating program.  I was really bad over the weekend (still on a sugar high) and loathe to return to my healthier path.

As I peered out the window trying to talk myself out of pulling on my gym clothes, I saw an elderly man walking by my house.  He was stooped and using a cane.  The effort was obviously painful and he was moving soooo slowly.

I admired his effort, but it dawned on me I will be that man in 20 years if I don’t get to the gym and try to maintain some muscle tone.  My attitude changed on a dime.

Someone told me that when you feel like giving up is when you are about to graduate from weakness to strength – so here I go, starting Monday all over again with a different attitude.  This time it is with gratitude that I can still get up and do the job.

The difference between the real performers and those people who are the average Joes, is that the real performers bounce back very quickly.  They know how to stay focused by getting back on track.

Have a good Monday and don’t give up.

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