What women REALLY want…


As Mother’s Day looms on the horizon, perhaps you’re lucky enough to still have a mother, and you’re considering some trinket to present her on Sunday.

A study (Yes! yet another study – who is doing all these studies?) was performed recently that indicated a trinket may be the last thing she wants.

Here’s a list of things the majority of women in the survey listed on their “wish lists:”

brk in bed Breakfast in bed and a clean house.

A photo book of the kids.

Anything handmade – memory books, mugs, home dvds, etc. – something that takes thought and time which makes it more precious. I always enjoy a new journal and some exotic tea bags.

Time alone with each of her grown children.

A hammock or swing for the backyard so she can relax and listen to the birds or read a book.

A day of pampering – massage, manicure, or pedicure and a nice meal at the end.

A picnic with her family.

So instead of picking up a vase of flowers at the gas station, give her one of the above. Or buy her a beautiful card and list the top ten things you appreciate about her.

As you can see, many of these gift ideas are simple and inexpensive.  Things like “something handmade,” or “to know I’m appreciated,” were repeatedly mentioned, as was the need for help around the house.  The one gift that seemed most important to women was quality time alone.   And remember, your mother may be deceased, but why not honor those who have honored you in some way – a favorite aunt, a friend who has nurtured you through a rough period or a widowed neighbor whose children are far away.

And men, don’t forget your wife!

By the way, the funniest gift idea?  One woman wrote:  “A toilet. Seriously, I’m a practical woman with many home improvement needs. I’d love a very good toilet, top of the line.”
Let’s hope she gets it.

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