What’s a girl to do?


In this tough economy, most Americans are stretching the dollar already, and now I hear that the cost of a Thanksgiving dinner is up 13% this year.

Tell me about it.  I’ve already spent $95 and will need to make several more runs to the store for all the stuff I’ve forgotten.

William,  my son in Nashville who is an extreme gourmand, is bring a goose and a rabbit.  I don’t mind the goose, but I just don’t think I can abide a bunny on the table!

first born What will the price of fuel, even my guests are going to spend more this year.

They tell me that the average price of a feast for ten will set you back $49.20, a $5 price increase from last year’s average.   I’d like to know you in this world spends less than $50 for a family of ten.  It’s just not possible unless all you serve is turkey and dressing with canned spinach or something.

I have a family of 12, which means my grocery budget is out the window! Coupons help, plus my local Piggly Wiggly offers a 10 percent senior discount on Wednesdays.  (I’ve been wondering why you only see gray-heads on Wednesday. Now I know.)

One of the biggest ticket items for your Thanksgiving dinner may not surprise you. A turkey will cost more than $20 and you will pay more for pumpkin pie filling.

I figure you only go round once and I’m not giving up the items we like at Thanksgiving. My aunt always brings a honey baked ham which probably sets her back at least $75. The best advice on saving for Thanksgiving dinner is to price compare. It may take a little more time but in the end it could save you that 13 percent.

Here’s to a great feast and the creation of lots of memories.

4 thoughts on “What’s a girl to do?

  1. We are fortunate that we do not have to figure how to feed a family of 10 on $50.00. I don’t think it can be done….well, not the way we eat…makes me wonder and know how fortunate I am. Good Bless Tiny Tim. and me and you and Tom and all our friends and also all our enemies.

    Good on you this Thanksgiving season. Infact GOOD all over you this Thanksgiving Season.

  2. Thinking about blessings to all those that do not like us…just remembering that HATE is not a family virture.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Emily Jones. I hope your family appreciates all that you do for them. I hope your day is filled with love and laughter

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