What’s outside your boat?


While interviewing Olympic rowers at the 1996 Olympics, sports broadcaster Charlie Jones interviewed a number of the competing athletes. Any time he asked them a question about something which was outside their control (like the weather, the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents or what might go wrong during a race), the Olympians would respond with the phrase ‘That’s outside my boat.’

out of boat

By refusing to focus on anything which was beyond their control, these athletic champions were able to bring all their resources to bear on what was within their control – everything from their physiology, mental maps and story to the actions that they took preparing for and competing in the actual event.

The preceding story was related by Michael Neill in his weekly message.  (He always gives me something to think about.)  Since I’m a world class worrier – especially about things over which I have no control, this gave me pause.   Today, on Memorial Day, I’m not worrying about anything that is “outside by boat” and to be honest, most everything is outside my boat when you get right down to it.

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