What’s up with all the food recalls?


It’s one thing to recall a car with a faulty door lock, but when the recall involves a jar of Peter Pan Peanut Butter which was consumed two weeks ago, you feel pretty lucky to still be walking around upright.

That’s what happened to me last week when I went to Kroger to pick up my favorite peanut butter.  A big sign was posted over the entire Peter Pan display stating recalls were in effect.  But wait, I bought one of the recalled jars the week before. I began to choke and hyperventilate.  I guess ole Peter will have to recall me since I consumed that entire jar all by myself.


What’s going on here?

I heard this morning that Dole is recalling its mixed greens.  I have a half a bag in my vegetable crisper.  I’m trying to remember to whom I fed the other half.

Then, only last week. I heard that ground beef produced during the first two weeks of the month was tainted.

Since I’m preparing to begin work on my World Championship Chili recipe for the West Point High School Chili Cook-off next weekend, I’m hoping I won’t kill half my classmates.

This really is no laughing matter.  The afore mentioned food items contained everything form listeria to salmonella. Other grocery items under recall alerts include dog treats, ice cream and brownie mix.

Then, there’s the developing story on tainted steroid medication which has resulted in a nationwide meningitis outbreak.

Let’s face it, the world has become a treacherous place. Seems to me the FDA needs to upgrade its safety protocols.

3 thoughts on “What’s up with all the food recalls?

  1. Emily, I’m so glad you asked “what’s up!” During many of my presentations I ask for a show of hands by those that think recalls are bad. They are unfortunate for the companies issuing the recalls but not for us. When I started to work in 1969, there were no food recalls because no one was testing! Today, technology makes it possible for virtually every size plant to perform acurate tests quickly and for relatively little money. More food is tested and inspected today than ever before.

  2. Good to hear things are getting better Yvonne – guess I was just miffed when peanut butter got targeted. I couldn’t live without it. And chicken, of course! Hope all is well “up north.”

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