When a grandchild goes off to college

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I couldn’t believe my ears.  Yesterday, Norma said she was on her way to Ole Miss to deposit her first grandchild.


Two things about this bother me.  First, how did Norma’s son Bill, a died in the wool Mississippi State Bulldog, allow his daughter, Montgomery, to wander “up the road?” 

Second, how did we get old enough to have GRANDCHILDREN go to college? Granted, Norma was one of the first “kids” in our class to get married and start a family.  But still, I haven’t even started my “grand-family” yet, and here Norma is packing one away to college.

I’d better get crackin’.  

Betcha Bill is dreading writing that first check to Colonel Rebel – er, the black bear, whom ever is running the show up there this year.

One thought on “When a grandchild goes off to college

  1. We’re on our way home! Had a fun time being a part of move in day on Thursday. I guess you can say, I left part of my heart @ Ole Miss! She is a happy girl!isn’t that what matters most. Now we have a house divided.

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