When in doubt, do something!


I’m off to go bowling this morning.  I haven’t bowled since I was 15 and we had one lane in West Point with two little boys who set up the pins for you to knock down.  Why I’m taking it up at this late date is a long story – will explain later.

Quick message before I leave: Chances are you, like me, face some major decisions in your life – retire now, not retire now, move to a retirement community, don’t move to a retirement community.  Get a face lift, not get a face lift. (Just kidding, just seeing if you were awake.)


Boaters know that when you’re stationary, your rudder is useless.  You have no control.  Moving in the wrong direction is better than not moving, because you have momentum to correct course.

Here are three steps to overcome inertia according to my Rabbi, Daniel Lapin – Okay so I’m not Jewish, but I often visit his website because he always has such sage advice.

The Rabbi, in his ancient Jewish wisdom, says to start by analyzing the pros and cons of each choice.  Then, absorb the emotional imperative to step off the high diving board. After all, no one would get married, have children or start a business if they required an ironclad guarantee of success. 

“Deploy your power of faith to step forward,” he suggests. “There is genuine joy in confronting decisions.  We should stride forth with a debonair smile on our face and calm confidence in our hearts.”  

That’s kind of how I’m approaching the bowling lanes today.  I’m just not sure what a debonair smile looks like.

Take that step forward.  Make that decision now!  It is for you.

2 thoughts on “When in doubt, do something!

  1. Emily,
    Rest assured that you can not bowl worse than I- my scores range from a 7 (yes 7) to 35!!

  2. Karen – you and I could be very good competitors – my best score yesterday was 45! That was only because they gave me a strike when the pin setter malfunctioned and took away the pins before I could throw.

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