When nature celebrates your birthday!

9.29.09 036

Brenda, my closet and dearest neighbor, celebrated her 63rd  birthday on September 25.  That may not sound very exciting to you, but to us it was monumental.  Her “moon  vine” decided to celebrate her life and didn’t forget the date the way I did.


It produced 63 blooms at sunset.  I’m not joking. This has to be karma, or a God thing.  I think it’s the latter.

Now, you must know that we counted and recounted, but her annual blooms matched her years on this earth perfectly. The fragrance was heady and unmatched by any perfume I’ve ever experienced.  Got to be a sign.  I’m sticking close to her.

9.29.09 034

One thought on “When nature celebrates your birthday!

  1. I am truly impressed with this horticultural miracle! I can’t wait to see if my Angel Trumpets will put on 78 blooms for me on the 23rd of this month. (If they do, I will send a photo!)


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