When troubleshooting becomes a way of life


Today is one of those days your mother warned you about -when everything decides to crash at roughly the same time.

This a.m, I was listening to Good Morning America drone away while I attempted to contact a roofer about the leak in my ceiling.  Suddenly I lost my Direct TV signal.  I rushed back to bedroom and the television there was okay.  I got out my manual and followed all the steps suggested.

Still dead.

I called the number for troubleshooting and a nice lady had me try a few more things.  Nothing worked.  She said I would need to replace my receiver and they would mail me a new one which I will have to hook up on my own!  (That’s probably never going to happen.)

Plus, my living room will be televisionless for at least five days, and I was so looking forward to watching the Saints game which I taped last night while I was at the State-Auburn game.  (Okay, my dawgs lost by a measly three points, but I’m still optimistic.)

I’m not sure I can survive without my daily dose of news, weather, cooking shows and reruns of Cheers!  I guess I’ll find out.

In the meantime Brenda walked over to ask if I could take a look at her computer which has suddenly decided to deprive her of e-mail services.  She was really desperate to ask ME of all people to try to fix anything.  We tinkered around for a while, and her computer basically told us to buzz off.

We had to do what we always end up doing – calling my son Braddock.

All these malfunctions are stacked on top of a garbage disposal which died last month, and a hot water heater which has developed a slow leak and must be replaced forthwith.

I’m thinking seriously of locking up the house, joining the Peace Corp and going to some third-world country where televisions, computers, and hot waters heaters are no where to be found.

___10 hours later____

I haven’t been plugged in to the world for almost half a day. The silence is killing me.  Of course, I could watch tv in the bedroom but that seems so desperate, not to mention something a really old person would do. Instead I took the dogs out for a run, did some much needed yard work, then sat down and read a big chunk of my bookclub’s selection this month.  It’s an icky Victorian classic called “The Woman in White” – first published in 1860.  I hated it when I first began reading it  a month ago,  but without distractions, I’m getting hooked! (It’s 760 pages, but I’m up to 417 and Bookclub isn’t until  Monday.

Maybe God is nudging me to make some changes in my lifestyle, and let the idiot box take a rest.

3 thoughts on “When troubleshooting becomes a way of life

  1. If your receiver works in the bed room, why not hook it to your main TV until you get replacement?? and what is the problem with Brenda’s computer?
    Remember I am a guy and we fix things, even leaks in roofs so long as it is only a leak you need fixed, not re-roofing……

  2. I also thoughts about cutting out tv and computer for awhile–but then I would miss The Deluded Diva!

  3. Larry – Well, blow me away. A man who can actually can FIX THINGS! That’s new to me. Brenda loaned me her roofer and he’s up there right now. Found the hole immediately and it’s being fixed – that makes TWO men who can fix something.

    I thought about moving the bedroom receiver but I decided to exert a little self control and actually do without the television for a few days just to see if I can do it. My only regret is that I guess I lost the Saints game which I was recording Thursday night. Sorry I missed you last weekend.

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