Where no woman has gone before

Well at least not this woman – my friend, Carolyn Mitchell, from Florida has just purchased a compact hybrid after driving a big ole van for many years. Before that, it was always something ample and American made.

Her dad, Aubrey Mitchell, was one of Mississippi’s largest Buick dealers for more than 40 years. Though he is deceased, his dealership rocks on. If the name Toyota was ever uttered in her home, it was with the same inflection as a four-letter word. She hopes he understands.

The point is – she took this decision seriously. If you’re in the market for a new ride, you might want to chat with her in the forum. She spent an agonizing year bidding farewell to her trusty gas guzzling van and trying to make up her mind what to buy.

Her exhaustive research turned up a nifty little number – the Toyota Prius. Talk about “smart cars” – this thing is brilliant!

“I got my new car yesterday,” she wrote. “I really like, it but I have that new car paranoia and nervousness about spending too much.”

“First thing I did was go to Wal-mart to get some floor mats. Of course, I parked a mile away where no one else parked! When I came out, I grabbed my old van keys and accidentally locked both Prius keys and purse in the car when I went to put up the buggy!”

“I went into panic mode,” she continued. “But because it has ‘smart keys,’ the doors opened right up! Thankgoodness!” All she had to do was touch the handle and “Voila” – it unlocked itself. . I asked how it knew that it was she trying to break in and not some car hijacker. She wasn’t really sure – she didn’t have to have a DNA test done or anything. There are some things we just best not understand.

But get this – the salesman said it took $22 to fill up and she could go at least 600 – 700 miles depending on whether she was driving in the city or open plains. We’re gonna test it out on a road trip to Austin , Texas next month.

As with many of Toyota ‘s vehicles, the Prius has become a standard-bearer in its segment. While many automakers have yet to even develop a gasoline/electric hybrid vehicle, Toyota is already on its second generation of the Prius. This four-door hybrid has become a hit with consumers because of its stellar fuel economy, relatively uncompromised driving and acceleration characteristics, and reasonable price.

The Prius (its name comes from Latin and means “to go before”) has a special powertrain that combines a gasoline-fueled internal combustion engine with an electric motor.The car’s hybrid powertrain features a small 1.5-liter gasoline-fueled engine that’s used in conjunction with two electric motors and a special planetary gearset that functions as a continuously variable transmission. Say what?

Under full acceleration, both power sources work together to provide maximum oomph, but under lighter load conditions, such as stop-and-go traffic, the Prius alternates between the two, oftentimes running on battery power alone. Now, that’s smart.

I read that this little number produces 76 horsepower which I assume means it can get up and go like it is being pulled by 76 stallions. And it has an 82 pound-feet of torque which sounds like a lot of torque to me, if you’re into that kind of thing.

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