Who dat gon’ to see dem Saints?


That would be me and my boys.

My friend Jack managed to get press passes for us to see the Saints on Saturday in the SuperDome.

What makes this trip so exciting is that it will be the first time I have been back to New Orleans since the night Katrina aimed her evil eye on the city – four long years ago.


My son, William, was living there at the time, and B and I were visiting to help him celebrate his birthday.  We all escaped just before they cut off access to the city.

But New Orleans has always occupied a special place in our hearts.

We lived in the Big Easy during the eighties, when the Saints were so bad, we wore paper bags on our heads at the games.

In those days, tickets were about $20 a piece.  I noticed they are now more than $300 per ticket for Saturday’s game,  and that’s in the nose bleed section.

Now, at last, the Saints are miraculously undefeated and on a roll, although they almost sent me into cardiac arrest during the last three games.  I understand New Orleanians are going crazier than usual.  I expect an early Mardi Gras has already arrived.

The sports guys on WWL Radio are all talking about how this season’s success is in response to those shameful naysayers who claimed Katrina targeted the city in punishment for its bawdy lifestyle. Hogwash.

At last, the city and its team will get the respect it deserves, and we’re gonna be among that number when the Saints go marching in – at least this weekend at the Dome!

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