Who moved my cheese?


In the book “Who moved My Cheese?”, Spencer Johnson discusses change and how to deal with its inevitabilities in a positive way. He uses the analogy of two mice and two people living in a maze.

The subjects dine on an endless supply of cheese, not knowing, or caring, where it comes from. Suddenly the cheese is gone. The mice feverishly scurry around the maze looking for more cheese in a kind of animal reflex action. The people, on the hand hand, begin to complain and pout and ONLY go in search of new cheese when they experience severe starvation.

The point of “Who moved my Cheese” is that the people, in the throws of desperation, will do extraordinary things.

True to my humanity, I am in the pout mode. “They”, somebody, Mr. Kraft, I guess, has not only moved, but RE-moved my cheese from the market, and a sacred tradition at my house will never be the same.

For 30 years, my family has dined on a heavenly concoction called Spinach Madeline. We have it at Christmas, Easter and every single birthday. Basically, it’s two boxes of frozen spinach combined with a cream sauce and one tube of Kraft Jalapeno cheese – you know the ones…they look like a tube of sausage.

After the big event, I take the leftovers, and made a cheese dip that is to die for.

Now, Kraft has taken it off the market. My Spinach Madeline, not to mention my cheese grits, will never be the same.

Now, I have a sick friend who has requested my Spinach Madeline. But I have been to four grocery stores, and can’t find the jalapeno cheese. My grocer says they don’t make it anymore.

I called the company to express my outrage and got a young woman on the phone who feigned ignorance.

“Why don’t you make your tubes of jalapeno cheese any more?” I demanded.

“It came in a tube?” she quizzed me. “Was it the size of a lipstick?”

I’m thinking Kraft has gotten too big for its corporate britches. This company spokesman had not a clue what her product line included. She suggested that I purchase a big block of Velveeta with jalapenos. I did, and it didn’t produce a casserole anywhere near my Spinach Madeline.

Please, Mr. Kraft, bring back your jalapeno cheese in a tube. I need it before Thanksgiving!

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