Who stole Madison?


I feel like I have lost a child.  Her name was Madison, and I became acquainted with her when I was forced to leave my beloved New Orleans and return to Central Mississippi in the late 1980s.


Madison became my new home away from home.  She was beautiful – big yawning spaces, punctuated by the wail of a daily passenger train that raced through on its journey to New Orleans.  I felt as much at home as I did in “the Point” when The Rebel blew through to who knows where?

Today, I returned to Madison for the first time since I lost my husband.  (Remember, he didn’t die, just got lost, so don’t feel like you need to grieve.)   I felt like I had died and ended up on a planet that hasn’t been named.

In the last 15 years Madison has evolved into something I never would have recognized – not bad, mind you…just bigger, taller and very crowded. Nothing is as it was.

I was beginning to  think nothing would ever be as it was back when.  Then I rejoined my cousins Doug, Sonny and Mike and everything was as it was.  We talked about growing up together and how we didn’t get to sit at the “big table” on holidays and how we wished we had never had to sit at the big table – ever.

All this reminds me that we should appreciate our present so we can savor our past. When we were kids, we wanted to be older so we could sit at the big table.  Now I wish we had never moved to the big table so we could be kids again.

Go figure.

3 thoughts on “Who stole Madison?

  1. Ahhh, the big table. Wasn’t even a little table available for the kids at my paternal grandparents. They had 7 children. So, with their 7 spouses and my grandparents, there were 16 adults. They filled up the “big” table as well as the kitchen table. All the cousins listened intently from the enclosed back porch, to see if there was any movement from any of the tables. For what seemed like hours, all we heard was laughter, chatter and the clatter of serving utensils clicking the bowls and plates. As we listened, we wondered if there would be anything left when they finished.
    I always thought that if they would let us go first, we would be finished in 10 minutes flat and out the door to play. Then the adults could linger as long as they wished. Oh for the good ole days.

  2. When you come for a visit, I will let you sit at our “little table” that we have for our little boys! I sit there often…..even when they are not there!

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