Who the heck is Admiral Ackbar?


This week, the students at Ole Miss voted down Col. Rebel, their sometimes victorious, and mostly long suffering  mascot, but I’m puzzled by their choice of a new icon.

Admiral Ackbar?  Who the heck is that?

I’ve been spending some time with my folks in West Point and as I read about the choice, I yelled, “Daddy, come quick!  What’s going on at Ole Miss?”

He’s a huge Ole Miss supporter and I figured he had something to do with this.  He didn’t miss a beat as he ran out of the bedroom with shaving foam still on his face.

“Oh, he ‘s a Star Wars character,” he said, looking at me like I’d just landed from Planet Calamari.

What? My 85-year-old father knows all about the Admiral and I didn’t have a clue?

I ran to look up this Ackbar person on the internet and frankly, my dear, he is ugly.  Way uglier than the Colonel.


Ole Miss has been without a mascot since 2003 when the school sent Col. Rebel into retirement without any pension. He’s probably trying to scratch out a living raising sweet potatoes in Vardaman, the Sweet Potato Capital of the World.

The decision to dump him was made after coaches and athletic boosters concluded that Ole Reb and other symbols of the Confederacy hurt the school’s recruiting prospects. With Tuesday’s vote, the students now have a say in who the next mascot will be. And, apparently, Admiral Ackbar is their man.

I just can’t see it.  Refrains of “Hotty Toddy, Ackbars Rock” doesn’t compute on any level.

Personally, I was hoping Ole Miss would embrace “The Sweet Potato Queens” as their new mascot. Nah, the gals at the “W”  might get jealous.

I have a bulldog whom I named Rebel in honor of my alma mater.  When I told him I was changing his name to Ackbar,  he promptly threw up on my shoe. My sentiments exactly.

2 thoughts on “Who the heck is Admiral Ackbar?

  1. That cracked me up…you know what Daddy said? “Thank heavens, Conley Cox (Sr) isn’t here to have to witness this.” I swear that was his first comment.

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